We want a society that is environmentally conscious, a sustainable community that works for each other, and to put an end to social deprivation giving a fair chance in life for all.

We want to create a space where people from all walks of life can come together to work, rest, and play. A place in which people can grow, learn, and feel included. A place that provides mental health therapy, educational services to local schools and residents, and works to support the local community through events, rehabilitation, job creation and environmentally sustainable economic growth.





A Traditional Organic Orchard

5 acres of Cornish fruit interspersed with peaceful seating areas to watch the wildlife grow and the world go by. Bring a picnic, read a book and just enjoy this abundant natural resource right on your doorstep.


Food & Environmental Education

Learning for all ages in our indoor classrooms, outdoor amphitheatre areas, and polytunnel. Become an apprentice, volunteer, or attend a workshop in sustainability, permaculture, organic growing, ecology – the list goes on and on.


A Legacy For Nature

A protected oasis for wildlife in the heart of a busy developing town. Orchards and allotments support a rich variety of wildlife, this will be enhanced by a range of microhabitats including wildflower patches, herb gardens, reptile refugias, bird and bat boxes, and saproxylic habitat.


Sustainable Living

Providing the basis for sustainable community living through social inclusion and skills for the future. Growing organic food that goes straight from the earth to the plate creating fewer food miles, and a healthier environment.


Community Growing Space

A place for schools, mental health service users, and the community to grow, learn and get their hands dirty. Come and learn about all things horticulture, experience communal growing, or help those less fortunate.


Community Centre, Classroom & Café

A social hub where all are welcome, A sustainable building made from locally sourced materials. A place to learn to cook, create, and eat fresh organic produce grown inches away. Come and celebrate, entertain, and relax.


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