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Newquay Community Orchard is a re-imagined urban green space.

A Meeting Place, Gathering Place, Playing Place and Learning Place.

A place that is built by the community for the community. A rural escape in the heart of Newquay.


“We want a society that is environmentally conscious, a sustainable community that works for each other, and to put an end to social deprivation giving a fair chance in life for all.

We want to create a space where people from all walks of life can come together to work, rest, and play. A place in which people can grow, learn, and feel included. A place that provides mental health therapy, educational services to local schools and residents, and works to support the local community through events, rehabilitation, job creation and environmentally sustainable economic growth.”


Newquay Community Orchard is made up of woodlands, meadows, a growing space and two large amphitheatres along with a community building and of course 5 acres of traditional Cornish orchard. The orchard is a space for all to enjoy, so bring a picnic, walk your dog or come along to one of our workshops, the space is yours to explore.

Community Building – Meeting Place

The community building will be home to a café, restrooms, office and a community educational space. The building will be a low impact agricultural design, built with sustainable materials.

A social hub where all are welcome.

A sustainable building made from locally sourced materials. A place to learn to cook, create, and eat fresh organic produce grown inches away. Come and celebrate, entertain, and relax.

An Lowarth – The Community Growing Space

An Lowarth (The Garden) is a 1.5 acre Victorian style kitchen garden that consists of mixed use growing beds which promote the use of Cornish heritage varieties of fruit and vegetables.

The space is divided into three working sections. A community growing facility run by volunteers, a plant nursery and a traditional walled kitchen garden that provides food for our cafe.

The community growing space has been funded by the Big Lottery Fund with a whopping £9,998. Development of the space began in January 2016 with the construction of a Cornish hedge with slate donated by Mill Hill Quarry. The first phase will be completed in May 2017.

The space will demonstrate the growing process from soil to plate and promote the need for self-reliance in a changing climate whilst keeping active and healthy.

Come along and grow, learn and get your hands dirty.

Plen an Gwari – A Gathering Place

The Plen an Gwari (playing place) is the smaller of our two amphitheatres and will have a capacity of 350 for larger school visits and small events such as theatre and storytelling.

This is designed in a traditional Plen An Gwari style with the audience placed centrally and surrounded by eight small stages. This immerses the audience in the performance. We have some beautiful features included in the design including Cornish blue slate hedged tiers, wildflower planting and a hobbit door entrance!

Plen An Gwari – The playing places of Cornwall. Traditional to Cornish landscape they are an intrinsic part of Cornish heritage as meeting places and community hubs. This will be a place to perform, celebrate and socialise.

The Den – A Gathering Place

The Den is a cosy space, located next to an ancient hedgerow with seating available for 50 people. The Den was built with students through one of our educational programmes and is nestled in our Western windbreak woodland.

The Den is home to Orchard Unplugged, an intimate evening of acoustic tunes under the elm trees. The Den also hosts community workshops, storyteller nights and outdoor cinema events.

The amazing Naturally Learning are due to setup a full time children’s outdoor nursery in the space that centres around forest school. This is due to launch in September so watch this space!

The Den is available for you to book out if you would like to host a special evening or day of your own.

The Workshop


Information coming soon.


5 acres of Cornish fruit interspersed with peaceful seating areas to watch the wildlife grow and the world go by. The orchard is made up of 120 apple trees, with over 26 different heritage Cornish varieties. The trees were planted in early 2015 and early 2016. Our soft fruit orchard will be planted in 2018.

In a few years when we have some delicious apples ready for picking they will be shared among the community and will be used in the community café.

Bring a picnic, read a book and just enjoy this abundant natural resource right on your doorstep.

Forest Garden

The Forest Garden is located adjacent to the north hedge, it will provide an abundance of produce in years to come and will be a self-sufficient ecosystem.

The Forest Garden is an organic low maintenance, sustainable plant based food production system based on woodland ecosystems, incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables, which have yields directly useful to humans. The diversity of the system ensures biological sustainability and the ability to cope with disturbances, such as climate change and disease.


A bustling meadow lies within the orchard trees and next to the events woodland, home to over 50 different species of grasses and wildflowers. The meadows provide a place to relax, learn and play

Korr Kernow

With funding from Grow Wild we have created an educational wildflower meadow. The meadow is home to over 30 different species and will provide a space for learning.

Woodland – A Playing Place

There are two woodland areas at the orchard, the Windswept Woodland and Wild Woodland. These were planted in early 2015 and early 2016. Each woodland is made up of a variety of British native species and will add to the orchard’s diversity and provide homes for wildlife. Each wood provides an exciting place to play and explore whilst learning about nature’s treasures.

Windswept Woodland

The Windswept Woodland is planted to the West of the site and along the southern border forming a natural divide from the existing allotments. This will in time provide necessary windbreak shelter, additional habitat, materials for workshops and biofuel to maximise the sustainability potential of the orchard. The copse consists of over 400 willow (Salix viminalis/fragalis), hazel (Corylus avellana), Alder (Alnus glutinosa) and poplar (Populus alba) trees.

Wild Woodland

The Wild Woodland is planted in the far east corner of the site, it is a wild wood with 10 different species of trees. If you love to explore and play among the mighty oak trees then this is the place for you!


Come and see what the long term plans for the site are


Newquay Community Orchard is a re-imagined urban green space providing a warm and welcoming community environment for all to enjoy. Working together since January 2015 with a team of passionate volunteers, each week a green field in the heart of Newquay has been transformed into a vibrant community asset providing environmental education, mental health services, community events and employability services and training.

Newquay Community Orchard will be made up of woodlands, meadows, a growing space, a woodworkshop and two large amphitheatres along with a community building and of course 5 acres of traditional Cornish orchard. The orchard is a space for all to enjoy, so bring a picnic, walk your dog or come along to one of our workshops, the space is yours to explore.


The continued expansion of urban development has seen a drastic decline in habitat. Greenspaces are the ‘green lungs’ of our towns and cities which contribute to improving people’s physical and mental health. They provide places for informal recreation – walking, cycling, sitting, socialising and children’s play – and ‘breathing spaces’ to take time out from the stresses of modern life.

There is a need to expand our understanding of spatial conservation and utilise the vacant and poorly used town spaces, to enhance and provide habitat for wildlife; provide sustainable provisions for the local population; and create lasting social change among residents.

Traditional orchards are a much-loved part of our British heritage and countryside, providing local communities with delicious fruit and peaceful places to enjoy. They also provide food and shelter for hundreds of rare plants, lichens, small mammals and invertebrates, including the rare noble chafer beetle, which relies on the decaying wood of old fruit trees.




Almost one in six people in the UK will suffer from mental ill-health in their lifetime. Mental ill-health can lead to and maintain health and social inequalities.

Major risk factors for mental health problems are poverty, poor education, unemployment and social isolation. Deprivation and lack of access to green spaces also impact greatly on health, with greater incidences of cardiovascular and mental health problems from reduced exposure to green space.

Cornwall has high deprivation, and a housing affordability and availability crisis (particularly for vulnerable people). Low wages and high unemployment with a dependency on low paid seasonal work have contributed to the weak local economy and economic decline from the recession, which are far worse than the national average.

The creation of a multifunctional orchard and community centre in the heart of this bustling and expanding town will provide residents with a rural escape in an urban setting. A place where residents can not only learn and play, but be able to gain respite from the fast paced stresses of everyday life. The site will aim to improve the local economy by:

  • Providing jobs, apprenticeships, and educational services to local residents;
  • Make organic cheap and available, and reduce food miles and wastage;
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of residents through exercise prescription schemes, rehabilitation, and mental health services; and
  • Create a social hub where people from all walks of life can congregate.

Information coming soon.


Come and see what the long term plans for the site are

Nansledan is an extension to Newquay on Duchy of Cornwall land that embodies the principles of architecture and urban planning championed by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Development should enhance the quality of life, strengthen the bonds of community and place, and give people a sense of pride in where they live. Buildings should look as if they belong in the landscape, drawing on regional traditional styles, where the use of local materials and craftsmanship is vital to the aesthetic and the local economy. Nansledan is all these things, embodying timeless principles that have created enduring communities the length and breadth of Britain.

Urban Biodiversity CIC is delighted to be working with the Duchy of Cornwall both with the development of Nansledan and the creation of Newquay Community Orchard.

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